The Linux Network Block Device

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One can think of many useful applications for the Linux Network Block Device. The reason xS+S got involved with the NBD was the need for a possibility to use disk space on a server on the local network as swap space for our Diskless Client and Diskless Server products (sorry, these web pages are still in german only, if you need more information about the xS+S Diskless Client or xS+S Diskless Server, please send mail to

We collected several patches floating around and integrated them to our Linux nbdswap software package, which is part of our Basic Linux Distribution (BLD) since version 2.1.

nbdswap comes with a NBD swap server, a NBD swap client and kernel patches for the Linux 2.2 kernel series.
You can get the sources for nbdswap from our FTP server at
The current version is nbdswap-1.1.6.tar.gz

We release the software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. We hope you find it useful.
If you have questions, bugfixes or if you are interested in improving the software, you are invited to join us at our NBD mailing list. See our mailing list web-interface for more information.

If you are aware of any other applications for the Linux Network Block Device, please let us know so we can list them together on this web-site.