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Linux on Asus Notebooks

latest modification: Sept, 19th. 1999 by Christian Czezatke

Recent Changes

Simplified Page Structure
ATI Rage Pro LT now supported by XFree
Better hardware description w. respect to Linux compatibility
Removed Linux 2.0-specific stuff
Incorporated user feedback


What is on This Page?

Hardware Information and Linux Compatibilty

This page gives an overview about the various kinds of notebooks available from Asus. It also lists the state of support of the various components under Linux. It also contains pointers to "official" sources of information (Asus webpages) and discusses the pros and cons of the models when it comes to running Linux on them.

Installing Linux on Asus Notebooks

Klick here for a guided tour on how to install Linux on an Asus notebook.


The iX SSBA benchmark suite has been run under Linux on an Asus P6300 Notebook that was equipped with a 200MHz Pentium MMX mobile module, 64MB RAM and a 3.2GB harddisk. The benchmark results can be found here.

Get Everything in a Tarball!

You can get all the pages on the Asus notebook as a tarball from here. This is convenient if you are using a dial-up connection to the Internet and want to read all the information offline.
If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the information provided here, please let me know.


Thanks to all the people who have provieded information about their experiences with running Linux on Asus notebooks. Without their contributions, this page would not be possible in that extent. I'll try to list the names of all the contributors here in the future so that they get the credits the deserve... ;-)

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